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Today: Mon, January 26 2015  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
18 January 2014
Why is the Federal Government So Wasteful?
by Chris Edwards
 sub-topic» Waste

What is the solution to these problems? There is no straightforward, technocratic way to “reinvent” the federal government to make it work with a decent amount of efficiency. Some of these problems can be reduced to an extent, but as long as the federal government is as large as it is, it will sadly continue wasting hundreds of billions of dollars from misallocation, mismanagement, and other problems.

The only real solution to the ongoing waste in the federal government is to downsize it. To improve the performance of American government, we should begin decentralizing funding and decision making for programs and activities out of Washington. We should revive federalism and hand more responsibilities back to state governments, while privatizing federal activities where we can.

20 February 2012
Parliament's £400,000 fig trees
by The TaxPayers' Alliance
 sub-topic» Waste

On Tuesday a response to our Freedom of Information request exposed the £32,500 annual bill to rent a handful of trees in Parliament. The twelve Californian fig trees are in the atrium of Portcullis House, the most modern building in Westminster which acts a hub for much of the politics happening there. Taxpayers don’t own them, they’re rented from a private company and it is believed they have cost over £400,000 since the building opened in 2000.