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Today: Sat, February 13 2016  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
11 December 2015
How Evil Are Politicians?
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Politicians

At this point, the iniquity of practicing politicians should be clear. How much time and mental energy does the average politician pour into moral due diligence? A few hours of year seems like a high estimate. They don't just fall a tad short of their moral obligations. They're too busy passing laws and giving orders to face the possibility that they're wielding power illegitimately.

24 November 2015
Sometimes There Are No Good Options
by Don Boudreaux
 sub-topic» Politicians

That I would like that these politicians and their deputies be adequately knowledgeable and level-headed when they turn their attention to military matters is irrelevant. The fact is, I have zero reason actually to suppose them to be adequately knowledgeable and level-headed about such matters. I must judge their likelihood of being knowledgeable and wise about matters on which I am poorly informed on the basis of my assessment of the knowledge and wisdom that they regularly exhibit when they discuss and act on matters about which I am well-informed. And on that basis, I conclude that they are untrustworthy, unwise, and, hence, much more likely than not to take steps that are harmful to the general welfare.

21 October 2015
In Praise of Margaret Thatcher
by Keir Martland
 sub-topic» Politicians

Anathema to any libertarian or classical liberal is the notion of detaining any person for any lengthy period of time without charging them with a crime. It must surely, therefore, be a reasonable assumption that Margaret Thatcher would have either kept the detention without trial limit at 24 hours or indeed reduced it. Again, no. Margaret Thatcher, as I’ve said, inherited a detention without trial limit of 24 hours. By the time she left office, she had quadrupled it to four days. Maybe Thatcher liked keeping people in detention without trial after all.

Good bye historic civil liberties, it was nice knowing you.

04 June 2014
Prince Charles Holidaying in Romania - Travels by Private Plane
by Paul Homewood
 sub-topic» Politicians

The Prince of Wales has arrived in Romania during the Tuesday afternoon with a private jet that landed on Targu Mures airport.

I am sure that will really help save the planet!

And the most remarkable thing is that the great numptie probably does not even see the hypocrisy of his actions.

09 February 2014
Shiver my timbers, shiver my soul / Yeo ho, heave ho
by Natalie Solent
 sub-topic» Politicians

Shiver my timbers, shiver my sides
Yo ho, heave-ho
There are hungers as strong as the wind and tides
Yo ho, heave-ho

05 February 2014
Tim Yeo's Greatest Hits
by Guido Fawkes
 sub-topic» Politicians

From leadership contender to loser in nine years, Tim Yeo bites the dust.

14 December 2013
In Memory of Nelson Mandela
by The Darn-Poor Rhymer
 sub-topic» Politicians

I remember old Nelson Mandela,
I thought him a rather strange fella.
But the reason, one fears,
Was the twenty-seven years
That he spent locked away in a cellar.

11 August 2013
Will Obama Lose His Nobel Peace Prize?
by The Sovereign Society
 sub-topic» Politicians

Think President Obama’s 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was a mistake?

Well, Stefan Svallfors, a Swedish sociology professor from Umeå University, certainly does. In fact, he has a better candidate for the prize: NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

14 April 2013
The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher
by Sean Gabb
 sub-topic» Politicians

She virtually began the war on freedom of choice where smoking is concerned. She started the modern obsession with health and safety as an excuse for controlling our lives. She vastly expended state powers of supervision and control over parenting, and immensely expanded the numbers and powers of social workers.

She made the environmental nonsense politically fashionable. She was the first senior British politician to start wittering about climate change and ozone holes. She doubtless thought she was further stuffing the coal miners. In fact, she was a useful idiot for the ideology best suited to replace socialism as an excuse for Enemy Class domination.

18 March 2013
Reasons to be grateful to Václav Klaus
by Luboš Motl
 sub-topic» Politicians

Klaus has been warning about many other undesirable trends in Europe – centralization, loss of democracy etc. – and the relevance of these warnings is getting obvious to most careful observers, too. People who don't like to overlook the obvious must have noticed how many important things have been foreseen by Klaus.