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Today: Tue, September 27 2016  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
 International Relations
02 August 2016
Mass Murder is Just a “Mistake” for Empire
by Nick Ford
 sub-topic» War

These bombings whether accidental or not do nothing but create animosity between people and different cultures. To the extent that they actually hit the correct targets they are usually insufficient to end the war. It needs to be joined by larger efforts to end the terrorists’ recreation and propaganda, but this becomes harder when you have an outside force constantly bellowing orders from the back seat.

02 June 2016
Let the People Fight Their Own Wars
by Logan Glitterbomb
 sub-topic» War

It is groups like Anonymous and the People’s Defense Forces that are living proof that we do not need the state to fight against terrorism. If folks wish to take up arms and join the fight against ISIS then all power and respect due to them. By all means encourage them to travel to Turkey and join the PKK in their efforts. If they’re more into tactical sabotage then point them towards the examples of #OpISIS. ISIS needs to be stopped, but the efforts of the U.S. state only serve to strengthen ISIS. It’s time to tell the government to step aside and let the people fight their own wars.

04 April 2016
The 18-Year-Olds’ League
by Paul Rosenberg
 sub-topic» War

In 2016, after realizing that humanity had been at war for some 6,000 years with seldom a break of even a single year – and very often in a dozen places at once – a simple thought appeared in at least a hundred young minds scattered across our planet:

It’s not the evil old men who keep all the wars going; it’s us, the 18-year-olds.

The problem, they saw, was that they kept obeying the bitter and rapacious old men. Swept along by authority and the fear of standing alone, they had been – for millennia – marching off to kill other young people exactly like themselves.

16 February 2016
Peace is the Keystone of Liberty
by Dan Sanchez
 sub-topic» War

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to becoming thoroughly anti-war is that it involves casting America’s warlike history and the very nature of our government in an entirely new light. It is difficult, even for libertarians, to accept that the government you have known all your life is not the benign institution you thought it was, but one of the greatest engines of mass murder, destruction, and suffering that has ever existed.

04 December 2015
Fourteen Reasons Not to Bomb Syria
by Tim Pendry
 sub-topic» War

Fourteen reasons against bombing in Syria … there are many others … pick the one you like most … it may be your kid and friend turned into mush by the arrogance of our rulers so take responsibility …

02 December 2015
Let us do nothing
by Keir Martland
 sub-topic» War

But what can we do? Not only is bombing a public good, in that it costs more than it is individually worth to us, but it probably won’t do any good. We can sit around talking military strategy until the cows come home. And we can call for another UN resolution until our voices become hoarse.

Ultimately, we can do nothing worth doing. Indeed, we should stop doing whatever we are currently doing. We should stop our air missions to Iraq. We should stop funding and arming ISIS as we probably are. We should also stop taking in any more refugees from the region. Finally, we should repeal all of our gun control legislation. Do this and you’ll soon find the terrorist threat diminishes.

20 November 2015
Force Against ISIS is the Wrong Tactic
by Emma Ashford
 sub-topic» War

Acts of terrorism like those of recent days add to the impetus to do whatever we can to defeat ISIS. Yet the unfortunate truth is that a military defeat of ISIS today will not solve Syria’s problems, or prevent the rise of similar groups. Policymakers must lay the political and diplomatic groundwork for a stable post-conflict Syria first, before destroying ISIS. In doing so, perhaps they can finally short-circuit the cycle of violence that has dominated the Middle East in recent years.

17 November 2015
Has our Nobel Peace Prize President gone to war with Russia and Iran?
by Perry Willis
 sub-topic» War

Don't believe it? Think again. Senator John McCain has publicly advocated that U.S. weapons be used by Islamist Syrian rebels to shoot down Russian planes! But the insanity doesn't end there. Our so-called government is simultaneously...

  • Working with Iran to fight ISIS in Iraq
  • But opposing Iran who is fighting ISIS in Syria
Only politicians could concoct such a lunatic policy.

16 September 2015
"Peace Through Strength," And Other Lies
by Kevin Carson
 sub-topic» War

So it only stands to reason that most of the rest of the world sees the United States as the Hitler in today’s Munich scenario, and recognizes a crying need to deter it from further aggression. But the United States has a name for countries that try to develop the military capability to deter American attack: Threats.

25 August 2015
The business of war is the cause of war
by Sergey Baranov & Ethan Indigo Smith
 sub-topic» War

If you objectively and consistently observe the mainstream media and its interpretation of global events, its omissive and deceptive character soon becomes abundantly clear. This could hardly be called incompetence. The coverage, which is popularly called “news,” is in fact nothing but a propaganda mechanism, designed to persistently shape public opinion in favor of war.

25 June 2015
Let Us Salute the Flag
On the Nobility of Motives
by Fred Reed
 sub-topic» War

Aaaagh! Enough. I keep reading that I should Honor Our Troops. On airline flights, I am asked to applaud Our Young Men in Uniform. Why, for God’s sake? What have Our Troops done for me except cause me great embarrassment, cost money better spent on anything else, and kill millions of people that I have had no interest in killing? For this I am to thank them?

27 January 2015
The Troops Are Destroying Our Country
by Jacob G. Hornberger
 sub-topic» War

The troops have convinced themselves that they’re over there killing the people who would otherwise be coming over here to kill us. That’s ridiculous. If people wanted to come over here to kill us, they could easily circumvent the troops and come over here and kill us. The fact is that ever since 9/11 and even before, the troops, through their killing, torturing, maiming, and destroying, have been creating the very danger that U.S. officials have been using to destroy our freedom and well-being here at home.

01 October 2014
The Rush to Violence
by Craig Murray
 sub-topic» War

There can be no greater nonsense than the idea that the Caliphate poses a direct threat to the UK. This is even more crazy than the claim that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the UK. But by seeking to join in the bombing campaign, and initiating a new round of fake “anti-terror” arrests in London, the British government is doing everything it possibly can do to try to provoke terrorist violence on British streets. The interests of the security state are therefore secured. I am longing for somebody to explain to me the precise mechanism by which our bombing Islamic countries helps prevent terrorist incidents in the UK. The way it can provoke such incidents seems to me too obvious to need stating. Indeed it says a great deal for the wisdom and tolerance of Britain’s Muslim communities that it has not provoked more. They could teach government a great deal about the good sense of not resorting to violence to gratify passions and earn short term acclaim.

26 September 2014
The Antimilitarist Libertarian Heritage
by Sheldon Richman
 sub-topic» War

With the United States on the verge of another war in the Middle East — or is it merely the continuation of a decades-long war? — we libertarians need to reacquaint ourselves with our intellectual heritage of peace, antimilitarism, and anti-imperialism. This rich heritage is too often overlooked and frequently not appreciated at all. That is tragic. Libertarianism, to say the least, is deeply skeptical of state power. Of course, then, it follows that libertarianism must be skeptical of the state’s power to make war — to kill and destroy in other lands. Along with its domestic police authority, this is the state’s most dangerous power. (In 1901 a libertarian, Frederic Passy, a friend of libertarian economist Gustave de Molinari, shared in the first Nobel Peace Prize.)

19 August 2014
If McCain and Graham Are So Concerned About ISIS, Why Did They Support Arming Them?
by Kevin Boyd
 sub-topic» War

As early as February 2012, both Senators called upon the Obama administration to arm the Syrian rebels. Now it was probably not the intention of both Senators to arm radical Islamic butchers who have slaughtered thousands across two countries, however ISIS has likely been the unintentional recipient of American weapons intended for the more “moderate” Free Syrian Army. The weapon shipments began last year, but the CIA has been working previously to help America’s Middle Eastern allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar ship weapons to Syria rebels. All of the U.S. military aid is supposed to go to “select moderate” rebel factions, however we shouldn’t put a whole lot of trust in the U.S. government’s ability to vet the Syrian rebels because when McCain went to Syria in May 2013, McCain accidentally met with known Syrian rebel kidnappers.

02 July 2014
Will History Repeat Itself in Iraq?
by Bob Bauman JD and Ted Baumann
 sub-topic» War

One hundred years later, another region that has been forcibly held together for centuries by various empires is on the verge of disintegration. Iraq and Syria, which were once Ottoman provinces, are in chaos as competing regional identities rooted in the distant past seek to carve them up and “cleanse” them ethnically. In a supreme irony, both nations had been unwillingly forced into existence by the collapse of the Ottoman Empire at the end of World War I, started on that hot June day on the Appel Quai in Sarajevo. History’s circle is complete.

06 December 2013
Tyrannosaurus Pentagonus: The Road to Extinction
by Justin Raimondo
 sub-topic» War

Aside from the moral dimension, the problem with militarism is the same as the problem with socialism: central planners are clueless because they are blind to price signals. Since there is only one "market" for their "product," and since they have in effect an unlimited amount of tax dollars to spend, there is no incentive for the Pentagon to put its financial affairs in order: they have a blank check that the bank (you and I) is obligated to cash. Yes, Pentagon officials who have neglected to straighten out their account ledgers are in violation of the law – but are we really going to arrest them for failing to comply?