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Today: Fri, July 31 2015  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
 Rights, Justice
24 January 2015
My disquiet at liberty without obligation to others
by D.J.Webb
 sub-topic» General

It is becoming clearer to me by the day that a society with no cultural bonds and no anthropological expectations or social obligations placed on its members cannot be a free society. Sure, people do do what they want. But the expectation of rights without duties prevents people from leading good lives. We all want our own rights, and reject the burden of obligations towards others, who, in turn, reject a sense of duty towards us as conflicting with the rights they are asserting for themselves.

12 September 2012
"Social justice"
by Kent McManigal
 sub-topic» General

Just because the methods some would employ to achieve a stated goal are disgusting doesn't automatically invalidate the goal itself... but in this case even the goal doesn't hold up to scrutiny or rational evaluation. Nope, I'm done with the idiotic religion of "social justice". Pursue it if you want, but it is not a libertarian ideal and if you try to use theft or coercion to impose it, I will fight you.