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Today: Mon, September 26 2016  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
 International Relations
28 September 2014
The Liberty to Leave
by Doug Bandow
 sub-topic» Secession Right

The decision to separate should never be taken lightly—for practical reasons, if nothing else. But an essential element of individual liberty should be the right to choose one’s political future. And that should be the case whether one is Scottish or Catalonian. Croat or Serb. American or someone else. The people have a right to be free.

05 July 2014
The Push for Smaller Government
by Jeff D. Opdyke
 sub-topic» Secession Right

The more important fact is that the sentiment is growing in emotional strength, telling you clearly that a deep-seated anger is welling up across our nation. Americans are pissed that government has become so large and so ineffectual. Americans feel disconnected from government — and when that happens, the glue that binds us to our country and our state weakens and we’re far more willing to say, “To hell with it! Might as well try something new since this ain’t working so swift.”

24 April 2014
A Tank for Venice
by Jocelynn Smith
 sub-topic» Secession Right

Venetians are trapped paying into a system that isn’t seeing to their needs and doesn’t care to listen to what they want. The bloated Roman central government is out of touch with its people, leaving citizens with no choice but to return to the independent republics they once were. By taking back the power to rule themselves, the people of Veneto can address the problems that are concerning them most, and will no longer have to pay for the ills that are plaguing Palermo, Naples or even Rome.