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Today: Tue, September 27 2016  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
 International Relations
05 June 2016
Immigration and Self-Determination
by Chris Freiman and Javier Hidalgo
 sub-topic» Migration

As we noted in our previous post, there is a tension between liberalism and immigration restrictions. Why? Well, immigration restrictions interfere with important liberties, like freedom of association and occupational choice. We now want to generalize the argument. Our claim is that standard arguments for immigration restrictions also justify curtailing other basic liberties (liberties that no liberal wants to curtail).

26 March 2016
The Freedom-Loving Case for Open Borders
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Migration

First sweeping point: Immigration restrictions aren't just another impoverishing trade barrier; they are the greatest and most impoverishing trade barrier on earth. According to standard estimates, open borders would roughly DOUBLE the production of mankind by moving human talent from countries where it languishes to countries where it flourishes. Picture an upscale version of the migration-fueled economic growth that's modernizing China and India. Every advance hurts someone - see Uber - but open borders is not trickle-down economics; it's Niagara Falls economics. This enormous increase in wealth - greater than all other known policy reforms combined - far outweighs almost any downside of immigration you can imagine - or all of them combined.

08 March 2016
Migrants attempt to break through Greece-Macedonia border
 sub-topic» Migration

As more than a million migrants made their way through Greece on their way to the wider European Union last year, the camp in Idomeni was set up as a temporary accommodation facility and is only built to house 2,000 people. The situation created by Macedonia’s decision has seen refugees forced to sleep in the open and wait hours to use the bathroom or receive food and water.

17 February 2016
Justice, Not Amnesty, for “Illegal” Immigrants
by Sheldon Richman
 sub-topic» Migration

We can now see that any law requiring government permission to enter territory presumptuously described as being under the jurisdiction of the American State -- that is, any regulation of immigration -- is, in Spooner's words, a simple, naked usurpation and tyranny.

Since immigrants without papers do not violate the natural law, they violate no law at all. Thus amnesty would be as inappropriate as deportation. To deny this truth is to deny natural rights and to sanctify the injustice that is embodied in the state.

21 December 2015
Demography and Decency
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Migration

Truth be told, I think the racism card usually fits. But there's a much better response. Unlike most complaints about immigration, demographic ills can clearly be remedied with more immigration! Non-white immigration is messing up America? Then let in enough white immigrants to keep the white share constant. Non-Christian immigration is destroying our religious heritage? Then let in enough Christians to keep the Christian share constant. Non-Anglophones are turning English into a minority language? Then let in enough English-speakers to balance them out. Low-IQ immigration is making us dumb? Then let in enough high-IQ immigrants to keep up smart.

13 December 2015
Open Borders Meetup: The Speech
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Migration

While every existing government mandates discrimination against foreigners, they're wrong to do so. Mandatory discrimination against foreigners is morally no better than mandatory discrimination against blacks, women, Jews, or gays. And economically, it's folly. Mass production is the secret to mass consumption. Trapping most of the world's talent in less-productive regions of the world impoverishes us all. Immigration restrictions are a grave injustice that does great harm, holding much of the world in poverty while keeping the full fruits of human talent off the world market.

15 November 2015
Immigration control: a Trojan Horse to destroy your freedom and waste your money
by Perry Willis & Jim Babka
 sub-topic» Migration

This is what immigration controls amount to -- people prohibition. It cannot work, any more than alcohol prohibition, gun prohibition, or drug prohibition worked. Walls and guards and National ID systems cannot keep people out. Instead...

YOU will be tracked and monitored and restrained. YOU will need papers to seek work and to move from one place to another, while the "illegals" will continue to function in the black market. Please understand...

Immigration control is a Trojan Horse designed to destroy your freedom.

03 October 2015
“But They’re Illegal!” The Worst Argument Against Immmigration
by Abigail Hall
 sub-topic» Migration

In debating issues of immigration, it’s important we get our facts right. When it comes to issues of criminality, “draining the system,” taking jobs, etc., countless studies have found time and again that such arguments are not only incorrect, but that the opposite is true. Immigrants, illegal and legal alike, create jobs, contribute greatly to the country to which they immigrate, and are less likely to be in jail or use public assistance than their native counterparts. Claiming that “they broke the law” as the basis for punishment should be a swan song for any immigration argument. If not, you should turn yourself in the next time you are going 40mph in a 25mph speed zone.

25 September 2015
How to Solve the Immigration Crisis Fast, Easy and Cheap!
by Paul Rosenberg
 sub-topic» Migration

No, I’m not kidding. I can solve the immigration and refugee crises without more wars, without rounding people up like animals, and while boosting the GDP. It’s not hard. All you have to do is stop thinking inside the same old status quo.

19 September 2015
Governments Give Migrants a Disastrous Mix of Social Welfare and Bureaucracy
by Justin Murray
 sub-topic» Migration

While influential voices like the Pope are correct that this is a travesty, the policies promoted by him and other government officials will only make this worse. Offering assistance to migrants by rescuing them when they become troubled or allowing migrants to remain without changing the underlying bureaucratic issue will only create greater incentives for more and more people to take the same dangerous routes. Risk compensation has to be considered — the greater the safety mechanisms in place, the more risky the behavior will become. Unfortunately, the current solutions presented by officials will likely result in boats even more overloaded with people and even greater numbers traversing dangerous jungle passes.

12 June 2015
Mr Gorbachev, Build Us a Wall!
by A.J.Oatsvall
 sub-topic» Migration

Seriously, though, am I the only one getting pissed off about this garbage and tripe we’re being fed? It’s all I ever hear from the mainstream media when it comes to solving our immigration problems. I swear to everything holy and decent, if I hear another pundit or talking head say we need a fence along our border(s), I am going to bust some heads!

So let’s build a wall around our country! Let’s do what Ronald Reagan spoke out against! Let’s build a wall so that a president from some other nation can come here and tell us, “tear down this wall!” Makes perfect, logical, fucking sense, doesn’t it?

25 July 2014
I Agree: The Horror is Caused by Government
by Don Boudreaux
 sub-topic» Migration

I emphatically am neither indifferent to, nor sanguine about, the horrors taking place today along the southern U.S. border. They disgust and sadden me. These horrors, though, are an artifact of the very political process that anti-immgrationists turn to as the means through which immigration into America is kept restricted. I assumed that this much is obvious.

The solution to this horrible problem is easy: open the U.S. borders, or at least return to the immigration regime we used until 90 years ago (the one symbolized by Ellis Island). No quotas; no numerical restrictions of any kind on immigration.

20 July 2014
Open the Borders Now and Forever
by David S. D'Amato
 sub-topic» Migration

Furthermore, arguments that see open borders as “forced integration” are especially spurious and unconvincing within the context we’re presented today, where governments themselves own and administer most of the land and the rest has been doled out to political favorites under a process in which proper homesteading has never been a real or important consideration. In their essence, anti-immigration arguments come to the laughable contention that merely due to accidents of birth which place some lucky group in one favored locale and others somewhere else, the fortunate group ought to be able to control and impede the movement of others.

07 June 2014
A Eugenic America
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Migration

Imagine a Eugenic America where citizens who earn less than median income are forbidden to have children. Enforcement isn't perfect, so 5% of all kids born are "illegals." Over time, this leads to a substantial stock of people who weren't supposed to be born in the first place.

21 May 2014
Immigration Controls Bring Death and Misery
by Jacob G. Hornberger
 sub-topic» Migration

Open the borders to the free movements of people. Leave people free to come to the United States to travel, trade, tour, invest, and open businesses, and liberate Americans to travel, trade with, and visit overseas countries. Open borders are consistent with the Christian principle of loving one’s neighbor as thyself. They are consistent with the Golden Rule of treating others as you would have them treat you. They are consistent with the principles of economic liberty. They are consistent with economic prosperity.

What a tragedy. As a consequence of U.S. immigration controls, a 12-year-old girl is dead after trying to reunite with her parents, who were just trying to improve their lives. Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

25 March 2014
Would (Our) Open Borders Lead to (Their) Closed Borders?
by Bryan Caplan
 sub-topic» Migration

Anna's question, though, is whether liberalizing immigration restrictions would lead to emigration restrictions. In countries that already restrict emigration, this scenario is easy to believe. But what about the vast majority of countries that don't currently restrict emigration? Would liberalization really lead more than a handful to this desperate and humiliating measure?