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Today: Tue, September 27 2016  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
17 June 2016
The great Dutch libertarian Hubert Jongen has died
by Michael van der Galien
 sub-topic» General

Hubert Jongen, who for literally decades was one of the most important and influential libertarians in the Netherlands, died on Wednesday (15th June 2016) at the age of 88.

10 April 2016
The Gifts of Tibor Machan
by Anthony Wile
 sub-topic» General

Tibor died suddenly last week, at age 77, and it is fitting that we pause now and once again reflect on the way we live our own lives, in light of his many valuable contributions.

17 January 2016
The Legacy of Murray Rothbard
by Justin Raimondo
 sub-topic» General

Yet there was no inconsistency whatsoever in the path he trod: for, like H. L Mencken and Albert Jay Nock, two libertarian lodestars, it wasn’t he that changed – it was the world that had undergone a transformation. By standing still in one place – the anti-State anti-war stance of his youth – he was labeled a “reactionary,” a “radical leftist,” and then once again a “reactionary.” Yet he never changed his basic position.

11 July 2015
Pope Chooses Penury Over Plenty for the Poor
by H. Sterling Burnett
 sub-topic» General

For all the pope’s expressed concern about the perils climate change poses to the poorest amongst us, it seems he’s really less concerned about the climate and the plight of the poor, than remaking the world’s economy to his liking, even if everyone has to live with less. In this, he is once again following the lead of climate advisors at the U.N. who in a rare moment of candor earlier this year divulged that remaking the economy was what the treaty’s being formulated to fight climate change were really about.