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Today: Thu, April 17 2014  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
14 April 2014
Heads are breaking the law if they teach eco agenda, says Gove
by Daniel Martin
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Headteachers who brainwash children with green propaganda are breaking the law, Michael Gove has suggested.

The Education Secretary has read ‘with concern’ a report which accused ‘activist’ teaching staff of trying to turn pupils into ‘foot soldiers of the green movement’. It found the marks children were awarded in exams depended on ‘parroting’ the green agenda. And many widely-used textbooks included inaccurate examples.

26 February 2014
The British Green Party expose their totalitarian mentality
by Robert Henderson
 sub-topic» "Greens"

This is the voice of the true fanatic, so captured by an ideology that any dissent from the “true way” becomes heresy which must be eradicated. For Bennett it is not enough to have policies implemented , only those who unreservedly support the policies can be tolerated in government even if they are not involved in implementing the policies themselves.

In short, Greens want the debate on man-made global warming to be officially over as far as the government is concerned. They belong to the one class of person who should be denied a public voice, namely the class of those who would deny a public voice to others.

06 November 2013
Long Green
by Willis Eschenbach
 sub-topic» "Greens"

And that means that of the $7.5 million dollars donated by taxpayers all over the world, the people in the developing countries will get …


Like I said, while I bemoan the waste of resources, I see all this as good news. Any country that takes a serious look at what’s happened to the first seven plus million that was donated to the Green Climate Fund will certainly have second thoughts about giving them money.

06 September 2013
The bull and the Borg
by Christopher Monckton
 sub-topic» "Greens"

The pretext for the Borg’s cruel attacks on farmers is Agenda 21, the U.N.’s sinister plan for global domination via environmental over-regulation.

The Borg, a universally-hated bureaucracy, are actively putting the U.N.’s nihilistic, anti-irrigation, anti-pesticide, anti-farming, anti-business, anti-environment, anti-population, anti-human, anti-capitalist, anti-Western, anti-everything Agenda 21 program into ruthless effect.

18 April 2013
Greedy Green Land Grabbers
"Clean Development Mechanism" schemes drive out African villagers for "carbon offset" profits
by Ron Arnold
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Oxfam assessed NFC with puzzlement: “It has economic power, professional expertise, and close political support. It has a hands-on chief executive with local knowledge and ethical credentials. The company and its investors have clear environmental and social standards they commit to uphold, and corporate social responsibility and accountability principles are embedded at the heart of its operations.

“Given all this, how is it possible that thousands of people in affected communities have alleged that land clearances, which have taken place to make way for NFC’s operations in Uganda, have been accompanied by distress and violence, and have left many in a state of poverty?”

22 February 2013
Ecologists Urge Government to "Move Beyond Existent Levels of Public Permission"
by Jurriaan Maessen
 sub-topic» "Greens"

The objective, according to the authors, is that these engineered “norms” must work their way into existing ones so finally environmental policies will be accepted without reserve. A sustained campaign, in other words, with government and scientists working together as to gradually create changes in behavior so environmental policies will be more easily accepted over the course of some time.

10 February 2013
More Environmental Extremism
by Gary Jason
 sub-topic» "Greens"

A recent report out of England is a perfect illustration of the thesis that a major component of the modern environmentalist movement consists of religious worshipers of a decidedly peculiar pagan proclivity, to wit, worshipers of Thanatos, the god of death.

16 May 2012
The New Holocaust Deniers
Environmentalists still won't admit the existence of the carnage they have created
by Robert Zubrin
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Taken together, these campaigns to deny billions of people the means to a decent existence have racked up a death toll exceeding that achieved by Hitler, Stalin, Mao, or any of the other tyrants whose crimes fill the sordid pages of human history. It is ironic that the perpetrators of this holocaust have chosen to affix the term “deniers” to those who refuse to endorse their proposal to radically expand it via a global program of mass human sacrifice for the purpose of weather control. In fact it is they, who call upon us to harden our hearts to “the inconvenient truth” that allegedly requires such suffering, who are the real new deniers; deniers not just of a past holocaust that rightfully commands our grief, but a present one, whose desperate victims still plead for our action.

26 April 2012
Climate Alarmist Calls for Burning Down Skeptics' Homes
"Let's start keeping track of them... Let's make them pay"
by Paul Joseph Watson
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Writing for Forbes Magazine, climate change alarmist Steve Zwick calls for skeptics of man-made global warming to be tracked, hunted down and have their homes burned to the ground, yet another shocking illustration of how eco-fascism is rife within the environmentalist lobby.

22 April 2012
Eco-Narcissists & Their Last Chances
by No Frakking Consensus
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Anyone who expects me to pay attention to these current dire predictions needs to explain why things are different this time. After the long list of faux ‘last chances’ that have come and gone why would I imagine that, suddenly, green activists know what they’re talking about?

Why would I imagine that my chain isn’t being jerked once again by a gaggle of self-aggrandizing, childish minds?

10 February 2012
Green pee
by The Daily Bayonet
 sub-topic» "Greens"

That’s what you call a busted flush. The cost of fixing the damage is $500,000 and the school will install 200 traditional, water-efficient urinals instead.

It’s not easy being green.

10 January 2012
Environmentalists are Bad for the Environment
by Matt Patterson
 sub-topic» "Greens"

So you see, by their own measure these apparent green warriors are actually the worst sort of climate criminals -- why, the very breath puffing from their mouths, visible and vaporous, was bursting with poisonous CO2, even as it carried honeyed words of environmental concern. Imagine!

It just goes to prove what I have said all along -- environmentalists are terrible for the environment. For another example just look at the green movement's desperate effort to kill TransCanada's proposed Keystone XL pipeline.

08 November 2011
Green capitalists hijack carbon agenda
by Gary Johns
 sub-topic» "Greens"

This is the crowd that brought the massive waste of debt forgiveness, Make Poverty History and the Clean Development Mechanism. Brown has suggested a global tax to raise even more money for aid and the environment. Tell that to the Greeks and the Irish.

This is the crowd plotting the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (or Rio+20) in Rio de Janeiro where even more promises will be made with money that does not exist. They want to "mobilise investment at scale by the banking and investment sectors into the clean energy sector, renewable energy, green buildings and retrofitting, clean vehicles and fuels". You will pay for this.

The farce is that even on its own terms, the combination of green activists, corporate capitulation and UN mischief-making moves the world further from the possibility of coping with issues such as climate change and poverty.

29 August 2011
Turn Your Head and Cough: The Bait-and-Switch Enviro Swindle
by Marita Noon
 sub-topic» "Greens"

If they can so easily switch from climate change to public health, you have to wonder if climate change was ever the issue and if public health is the real concern now. Why is it that the powers that be are so set on raising the cost of energy—through whatever means seems publicly viable?

The obvious answer is something not palatable to most Americans. Which brings up the next question: What can we do to stop them?

22 August 2011
Two Rants from the Dark Side
by ProgressiveSocialist
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Convincing the CWMs [Conservative White Males – Ed.]is impossible, their sense of freedom is too strong to delude them into our vision. The only way to implement the necessary changes to halt the Anthropogenic Climate Destabilization Crisis and end the free market is by more aggressive means. We have to dismantle the system that enables them to destroy the environment from the very ground up. That means doing away with the archaic, inefficient, and exasperating constitution. That means re-educating the children with the state as their surrogate parent, barring the family from swaying them away from our cause. That means prohibiting the rabid Christians from polluting society with their climate denying, racist, homophobic poison and doing away with Judeo-Christian values in lieu of moral relativity. This will allow us to justify any means to save our planet from the deniers and corporate robber barons.

16 July 2011
The Green Nazi Deep Ecology of Martin Heidegger
by Mark Musser
 sub-topic» "Greens"

For Heidegger, what needs to be done is to destroy western philosophy and its Judeo-Christian handmaid. Even after the war, Heidegger's philosophy was aimed point blank at the overthrow of traditional western philosophy/religion in order to save the planet. With its transcendental emphasis upon mind, thinking and thought, both western philosophy and the Judeo-Christian worldview elevate 'rootless' rationalism and/or faith over the reality of natural existence. As far as Heidegger was concerned, this has led modern, western man into an inauthentic lifestyle contrary to the natural world grounded in what Heidegger calls 'being.'

28 June 2011
California's Green Jihad
by Joel Kotkin
 sub-topic» "Greens"

If California is to work again for those outside the yammering classes, some sort of realignment with economic reality needs to take place. Unlike Iran, California does not need a regime change, just a shift in mindset that would jibe with the realities of global competition and the needs of the middle class. But at least with California we won’t have to worry too much about national security: Given the greens anti-nuke proclivities, it’s unlucky the state will be developing a bomb in the near future.

26 June 2011
The rise of the Green wowser
by Greg Melleuish
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Wowsers (We Only Want Social Evils Remedied) are traditionally as Australian as meat pies and Holden cars.

They were responsible for Australian institutions such as the six o'clock closing and the shutting of shops on Sundays.

One would have thought that they had receded into the annals of history as Australians became more liberal on these sorts of issues. Shopping is now very much a Sunday experience and Australians are used to the idea of civilised drinking.

But wowserism has never really gone away and, like any great tradition, has bided its time waiting for new opportunities. It has simply changed its spots. Once it had a strong religious colouring; now it is taking on an increasingly secular tone.

05 June 2011
Germany 'Sliding Head Over Heals into Eco-Dictatorship'
by Fritz Vahrenholt
 sub-topic» "Greens"

The WBGU compares the decarbonization of the global economy to the Neolithic and the Industrial Revolution. It is wrong to claim that such a deliberately planned and radical transformation of economic and social systems is without precedent.

At least partial models of such transformations are the industrialization of the Soviet Union in the 1920s and 1930s, or the "Great Leap Forward” and the “Cultural Revolution” in Mao's China.

01 June 2011
Putting humanity in a kangaroo court
When Nobel laureates staged a mock eco-trial in Stockholm last week, they were really demanding to rule the world
by Ben Pile
 sub-topic» "Greens"

The sentence handed to us by our judges is a series of emergency and longer-term measures that humanity must observe if we are to survive. Many of these demands are familiar noises about ‘avoiding dangerous climate change’, meeting Millennium Development Goals, and increasing the efficiency of productive activity. But more telling is the demand for the ‘strengthening of Earth system governance’, which calls for a range of institutions to be created or given greater power to ‘integrate the climate, biodiversity and development agendas’ and ‘address the legitimate interests of future generations’. There’s also the call to enact a ‘new contract between science and society’, which will launch a ‘research initiative on the Earth system and global sustainability’, and ‘increase scientific literacy’.

31 May 2011
Carbon Trust loses its core funding
by The TaxPayers' Alliance
 sub-topic» "Greens"

One of the bodies we targeted was the wasteful and inscrutable Carbon Trust. Now the Guardian has reported that the organisation is losing its core funding, it will have to try and win competitive bids for specific projects like any other business or charity.

17 May 2011
Greenpeace too political to register as charity
by Paul McBeth
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Justice Paul Heath turned down an appeal last Friday that Greenpeace could register with the Charities Commission after the body rejected its 2010 application.

Justice Heath said Greenpeace’s political activities can’t be regarded as “merely ancillary” to its charitable purposes and that the commission was correct in disqualifying it for registration over the potentially illegal activities.

04 May 2011
Environmentalism as a Surrogate Religion
by Thomas P. Sheahen
 sub-topic» "Greens"

Science appears to play a major role in environmentalism, but actually its role is distinctly secondary: Science is used subjectively, not objectively. After a set of beliefs has been established, various fields of science (and scholarly studies within those fields), are carefully sifted to select facts that support those beliefs. Facts and scientific fields that contravene or fail to support core beliefs are rejected or ignored.

That’s not the way science is supposed to work. However, it happens every day in environmentalism, as reflected in movies, magazines, blogs, television programs, newspapers – and legislative and regulatory initiatives.