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Today: Sat, November 22 2014  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
16 December 2011
Why private schools have a moral duty not to support government schools
by James Stanfield
 sub-topic» Private education

However, after forcing the vast majority of private and voluntary schools out of business and after creating a system of education which restricts parentsí right to choose and penalises those families living in deprived areas, the government now attempts to blame the remaining private schools for all of the problems which they themselves have just created. And to put things right the guilty private schools must now give a helping hand to the failing government schools which they have helped to create. However, letís be clear - all apartheid, social division and barriers in education are a direct result of the way in which all previous governments have directed public funds to government schools only, thereby denying parents their fundamental right to choose and eventually crowding out the majority of private alternatives.