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 Libertarian Theory
18 August 2014
Rights are a Tool
by Skyler J. Collins
 sub-topic» Rights

Property rights, human rights, civil rights, children's rights, animal rights; many are the types of rights defended by people across the globe. What are rights? Do they exist? Are they something tangible, concrete? Or are they merely an abstraction, a useful tool of the mind for use by mankind? Methinks the latter.

22 July 2014
On Property Rights
by Neil Lock
 sub-topic» Rights

In both cases, justly owned property has ultimately been earned through work. And this is so whether the work is physical or mental, and whether in business, in do-it-yourself or for a wage. So, all justly owned property can be traced back to part of someoneís life being expended in creating or improving it. For most people, who donít receive big legacies from rich parents or uncles, this means that their property is the product of their own productive lives. For the lucky few, itís a product of the lives of their forebears.