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Today: Thu, December 18 2014  -  Last modified: April, 26 2007
 Libertarian Theory
28 May 2014
The Containment Conundrum
by Christopher Freiman
 sub-topic» Minarchism

Imagine that you wake up tomorrow to the minarchist society of your dreams. The state is limited to the police, the military, the courts, and a social minimum. Things are going well—until even the limited sum of state power finds itself being captured. Suppose, say, police union lobbyists work to insert fine print into some otherwise mundane legislation to create a small penalty for the possession and distribution of certain “controlled substances” to increase revenue for their department.

23 October 2012
Life in FRONA
by Russell D. Longcore
 sub-topic» Minarchism

The "Republic" form of government in FRONA is not the old republic you know. It is a new form of governance. It is modeled after a corporation. The republic in the USA may have started out well-designed in the Constitution, but was bastardized over time to become unworkable and corrupt. The America republic is now dead. The New Corporate Model of Governance is vastly different than the US Constitution in one major way. Every person who becomes a citizen in FROMA has to sign a contract and pay a fee in gold or silver. Every citizen is a shareholder in the national government.