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liberalia1.jpg - 6308 Bytes offers excellent publications in English and French, many of European speakers / writers.
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The SOVEREIGN SOCIETY is an organisation in which "Sovereign Individuals" are united in seeking personal and financial privacy, freedom of movement, minimal taxes, safety of capital and minimal dependence on any government.
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ISIL (International Society for Individual Liberty) has the same goals as LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, (Europe) but works world wide.
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United Civil Party (Belarus) The European Ludwig von Mises Institute Homepage (Belgium)
LIBERÁLNÍ INSTITUT (Czech Republic) Libertas (Denmark)
Institute for Economic Studies Europe (France) (Germany)
The Adam Smith Institute(Great Britain) E21 the Centre for the Development of Ideas for Greece in the 21st Century.
Andriki (Iceland) Liberaleren (Norway)
Libertarianism in the Netherlands Libertarianism in Poland
THE CLUB OF LIBERALS (Romania) Libertarium (Russia)
the Movement for Protection of Human Rights (Yugoslavia) Frihetsfronten (Sweden)
Liberalia (Switzerland) Liberty Network Europe
European Libertarians Libertarian Alliance
Center for the New Europe Economic Freedom of the World
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- poland related news, books and regional resources.
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