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01 April 2015
   On Bottom Up and Top Down Thinking - Parts 4/5
   Neil Lock

In contrast, the top down thinker wants to impose political correctness on others’ speech as well as on their thinking. Cleverly, this enables him to frame any debates so the other side find it hard to put their position. Furthermore, he likes to bombard others with politically correct sound bites, that help his side of any debate. This, I think, is why we hear so much rubbish about things like “democracy day” or “international womens’ day.”
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31 March 2015
   A puzzling policy commitment from Scottish Labour
   Tim Worstall

So, it is not that the benefits system is worse today than it was: it’s that we’ve a new technology, those food banks, to deal with an already extant problem. That is, it’s a supply shock, not a demand one.

At which point we come to something of a logical puzzle. The little platoons have worked out a way, a very effective way, to deal with the inefficiencies of the State. The response is thus to nationalise by that very State the thing that alleviates the State’s inefficiencies?

Umm, why not just leave the little platoons to get on with the job they are doing so effectively?

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30 March 2015
   On Bottom Up and Top Down Thinking - Part 3
   Neil Lock

Furthermore, many top down thinkers see the primary purpose of politics as being to promote a Cause or Causes. What specific policies the top down thinker favours may vary from time to time. But to him, the Cause for the time being is the common good. Even if some, or even many, individuals are unjustly harmed by actions taken to further the Cause.
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29 March 2015
   Report Shows Campus Sustainability Movement Restricts Debate, Harms College Finances
   the National Association of Scholars

Sustainability: Higher Education’s New Fundamentalism shows that the sustainability movement distorts college curricula and cuts off free inquiry on important questions. The 260-page report also shows that, at a time when tuition and student debt are soaring, colleges are spending lavishly on sustainability programs.

The study shows how the sustainability movement has shut down reasoned debate on campuses by foreclosing open inquiry about climate change. (The report takes no position on global warming itself.) The report criticizes the 685 institutions that have signed the American College and University President’s Climate Commitment for demanding of students and faculty members “blind obedience” in the place of critical examination of the facts.

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28 March 2015
   On Bottom Up and Top Down Thinking - Part 2
   Neil Lock

The bottom up thinker focuses on the basic unit of all human societies; the individual. He knows that each human being is unique, and different from every other. He knows that every human being, including himself, is an individual. So he views, and seeks to deal with, others as individuals too.
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