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20 August 2014
   Roger and I live in parallel universes
   Madsen Pirie

In Roger’s universe the dark forces control our lives, and in the parallel universe we mostly control our own through our decisions. Roger’s world is full of pessimists who see individuals as helpless pawns, constantly manipulated; the other world is inhabited by many cheerful optimists, confident that human resources can be applied to achieve worthwhile objectives. In the cheerful world people watch out for rent-seeking, for the desire to use government restrictions to limit choices and secure greater returns than people’s free choices would have bought them. The optimists campaign constantly against this crony capitalism and in favour of free choices, open entry to markets, and against using legislation to thwart competitors. They often win, and they know that eternal vigilance is needed if individuals are to keep a world they can control, rather than succumb to one in which they are controlled.
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19 August 2014
   If McCain and Graham Are So Concerned About ISIS, Why Did They Support Arming Them?
   Kevin Boyd

As early as February 2012, both Senators called upon the Obama administration to arm the Syrian rebels. Now it was probably not the intention of both Senators to arm radical Islamic butchers who have slaughtered thousands across two countries, however ISIS has likely been the unintentional recipient of American weapons intended for the more “moderate” Free Syrian Army. The weapon shipments began last year, but the CIA has been working previously to help America’s Middle Eastern allies such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar ship weapons to Syria rebels. All of the U.S. military aid is supposed to go to “select moderate” rebel factions, however we shouldn’t put a whole lot of trust in the U.S. government’s ability to vet the Syrian rebels because when McCain went to Syria in May 2013, McCain accidentally met with known Syrian rebel kidnappers.
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18 August 2014
   Rights are a Tool
   Skyler J. Collins

Property rights, human rights, civil rights, children's rights, animal rights; many are the types of rights defended by people across the globe. What are rights? Do they exist? Are they something tangible, concrete? Or are they merely an abstraction, a useful tool of the mind for use by mankind? Methinks the latter.
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17 August 2014
   "Cloimate-smart" policies for Africa are stupid, and immoral
   Paul Driessen

Africa is blessed with abundant oil, gas and coal. Turning food into fuel would squander those resources and divert land, water, fertilizers and energy from feeding people – to produce expensive fuels and leave people malnourished. This is not “climate-smart” energy or agriculture. It’s just plain stupid.

Wind and solar will let people in remote areas have light bulbs, tiny refrigerators and cell phone chargers, until they can be connected to an electrical grid. They cannot support modern economies, factories, shops, schools, hospitals or families. Coal, natural gas, nuclear and hydro-based electricity are essential.

Here is the real bottom line: Africans should not do what the United States is doing now that it is rich. It should do what the United States did to become rich.

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16 August 2014
   Boris gives Euroscepticism a boost
   Get Britain Out

It is great news that the Conservative Party is belatedly trying to appeal to the Eurosceptic supporters they have alienated for the past few years. Top Tories are finally admitting what we have been saying for years: Britain must leave the EU and we will prosper outside it.
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