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18 December 2014
   Anti-Government Movements
   Randall Holcombe

The common element in all four of these movements is that they object to the scope and power of government, and the way government power is arbitrarily used for the benefit of the elite and to the detriment of the masses. Currently, these anti-government movements are separate entities, and the main players in each have not appeared to recognize the objections they share in common to the scope and power of government.
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17 December 2014
   Putin Just Made the Most Important Speech of His Career: The West Should Listen More Closely
   Alexander Mercouris

Last Friday, Vladimir Putin delivered the single most important speech on foreign policy since he became President in 2000. Mikhail Gorbachev said he thought it was the best, and most significant speech Putin has ever made.

In it he charted a clear course for Russia, defining its place in international affairs and setting out the principles and objectives of its foreign policy.

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16 December 2014
   War on crime? Or war on the poor?
   Scott Sumner

Intellectuals on the far left will sometimes argue that the entire criminal justice system is engaged in a vast right wing conspiracy to repress the poor. I'm not quite that paranoid; violent crime is a serious issue, for which we need police, courts, prisons, etc. But people on the right sometimes overlook that there is a grain of truth in that complaint.
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15 December 2014
   What a Reserve Currency Should Look Like
   Patrick Barron

The world needs honest money founded in law to which men everywhere can seek justice in the protection of their trade, property, and wealth. Honest, sound money is representative of an entire society’s dedication to the rule of law, fair dealing, prudence, and reliability. There is no secret to sound money, only dedication to providing its ready and convenient redemption. The perfect reserve currency is provided by private institutions who guarantee gold redemption through contracts with independent agents in many easily accessible and safe areas of the world. Failure of the issuer to redeem for specie would be prosecutable for breach of normal commercial and criminal law. The sooner the world adopts these principles the sooner will it recover from the headlong path to currency destruction to which it is headed today.
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14 December 2014
   The Pensions Scandal
   Godfrey Bloom

Fractional reserve banking, money printing, government deficits, nothing new. But in the last 5 years the UK national debt has doubled. The conservative coalition has printed £350 billion. A figure too great for the human mind to conceive. How can any fund manager possibly run a pension fund on this basis? What should a yield be to protect a pension scheme which has a vesting date 20 years hence? Even if one accepts inflation at the absurd official rate of circa 2 percent grade A paper will barely wash its face. But we know that pensioners do not buy much in the way of white goods or technology products the areas where inflation has been subdued. Pensioners face significant inflation in real costs, fuel, heating, travel and food. The real inflation here is nearer 4.5 percent. This means over 20 years the saver must lose money. There is nothing his investment manager can do for him.
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