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is to coordinate various initiatives in the defense of individual liberty throughout the world.
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27 August 2016
   Capitalism’s Just-So Stories – Part 2
   Kevin Carson

Any true and honest free market doctrine will acknowledge that the great mass of wealth and property is stolen, and support the claims of the robbed rightful owners over those of the robbers. It will acknowledge that the overwhelming bulk of corporate profits come from rents on stolen land, artificial property rights, and artificial scarcities like “intellectual property,” and demand the abolition of monopolies and artificial property rights across the board. Rather than collusive “privatization” of public services, which amounts to a new corporate enclosure of the commons with the aid of the capitalist state, it will demand that properties and services funded by the taxes of working people be treated as the rightful property of those they serve, and restructured as stake-holder cooperatives controlled directly by those who use them. Rather than backing mercantilist agreements like TPP that enforce “intellectual property” monopolies and continue to enforce title to stolen land, it will demand the abolition of “intellectual property,” and the tearing down of all land enclosures and the restoration of the land to the cultivator.
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26 August 2016
   Capitalism’s Just-So Stories – Part 1
   Kevin Carson

The reason the propertied classes in the 18th and 19th centuries had all that accumulated wealth to “invest” and “employ people” was that they had stolen virtually the entire land of England out from under the people who worked it. And their state had fought mercantile wars to subdue most of the Global South, enslave millions of its people, and enclose enormous tracts of its land the same way it already had in England. The capitalists’ police state, through the early 19th century, criminalized free association through the Combination Laws. The Law of Settlement acted as an internal passport system that prevented people from travelling in search of work on any but the capitalists’ terms. Then the capitalist state — in the guise of the Poor Laws authorities — auctioned off the destitute population, mostly children, from the poorhouses and shipped them by the carload to the factories of Birmingham and Manchester.
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25 August 2016
   Our Selfless Public “Servants”
   Paul Jacob

One cannot serve two masters. If our representatives are in it for their own benefits, as opposed to making a sacrifice for the greater good . . . well, we wind up with government like we have now.
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24 August 2016
   Technology Seen, and Unseen
   Dylan Pahman

To circle back to manufacturing, more machinery does mean some less human work … at those factories … maybe. What people don’t see is that that machinery comes from somewhere. It represents entirely new industries that have been created and that employ many people of their own. That machinery needs to be maintained by people with the skill and expertise to do so. At the same time, because automation reduces the labor cost of production, it enables companies to lower prices to consumers while still increasing profits. What is a loss for the few is a win for the many.
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23 August 2016
   Liberty Today
   Nathan Barton

But it is important to remember that we have NO moral obligation or freedom to prevent someone from making themselves a victim: we are NOT responsible for their actions. They are. All of us are responsible both for our actions and the consequences of our actions. Unless we understand that, we truly have no liberty.

Today, even though the media and politicians claim that we have more liberty than ever before, too much of their idea of liberty is “do anything you want within these very carefully (and strictly) defined limits.” Not my idea at all.

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