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31 July 2015
   Plans for COP21 in Paris – December 2015
   the Campaign against Climate Change

We have an idea how to do that. In Bangladesh and India, they have a form of protest called a bandh. The people stop the city for a day. They stop work, they close the shops, they stop the universities and schools, they stop the buses and trains and cars. When they do this in Calcutta, children play cricket in the great avenues of the city. We are not suggesting an occupation of Paris by protestors. We want the people of Paris to take over their own city, for the sake of the planet. We want local street parties in every neighbourhood. If the people of Paris do that, all the world will take note. It could be the beginning of years of climate action, not the end of hope.
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30 July 2015
   The Monopoly on Crime
   Skyler J. Collins

Because the state claims a monopoly on the provision of law and order, the state decides what and what does not constitute crime. In order to maintain its position, the state requires that its subjects provide for it the necessary funds, liberties, and lives. What would be called theft, trespass, and murder in a free society, the state calls taxation, regulation, and conscription. As the state decides what is and what is not crime, it follows that the state not on claims a monopoly on the provision of law and order, but it also claims a monopoly on the provision of crime. It uses this monopoly power to allow itself to commit just enough crime for its own maintenance, but forcefully prevents anyone else from attempting likewise.
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29 July 2015
   Climate Change Alarmists Appear Immunized Against Reality
   William M. Briggs

Now it used to be a fundamental principle of science—one still known to conference attendees—that when a theory made predictions that were not just wrong, but lousy, we knew with certainty that the theory was false, that it was broken, that it was no good, that it should not be used as a basis for decisions, that it should be scraped or hidden from view until it was fixed. Remembering the old saw that “science was self-correcting”? That was the principle.

The principle is effectively dead. We are still asked to believe in global-warming-of-doom even though this theory cannot make good or skillful predictions. Why? Because denier! And because it is in your best political and financial interest to do so. Let me explain.

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28 July 2015
   Flux versus Stasis
   Madsen Pirie

I now propose to divide the world as the Pope did. Putting on my papal zucchetto, I divide the world into the followers of Parmenides and those of Heraclitus. It is a division between flux and stasis.

The division is between those who seek the stability and predictability of permanence, and those who are ready to embrace change – even to welcome it.

This is far from more conventional divisions into left and right. Normally we associate conservative temperament with wanting to keep things familiar and comfortable, and resisting change as unsettling as it is unfamiliar. Yet if we look about us today, at those who yearn for the world of Parmenides, we find some strange alliances.

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27 July 2015
   The Forgotten Meaning of “Sound Money” (and Why It’s Coming Back)
   Guy Christopher

“Sound money” has a clear message recognized for centuries around the world. It describes the musical, metallic ring of a gold, silver, or copper coin dropped on any hard surface of glass, stone, wood, or metal. Sound money literally refers to real wealth, with a natural, unmistakable signature of honesty and integrity, as opposed to the swishy paper and plastic debt used almost exclusively today.
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