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28 May 2015
   Another Surveillance Law: One More Step Towards the Big Brother State
   Sean Gabb

I suggest, given all the available evidence, that this country is ruled at best by some very stupid and incompetent people. At worst it is ruled by people who say they need a police state because they want to fight crime and terrorism, but in fact need fears of crime and terrorism because they want a police state. Whatever the case, they should not be given the right to gather and store details of our electronic communications.
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27 May 2015
   Education: Schooling and Examination on the Free Market
   Keir Martland

Lastly, government need not provide schooling. The first schools were not provided by government. The schools of the future, too, will not be provided by government. In the future, if and when we finally see the back of the social democratic state, we will see a return to a system whereby employers are responsible for the ‘education’ of their employees. If my workers aren’t productive enough, if I see profit in doing so, I can pay for them to acquire a certain skill. If there is no profit in it, then I won’t. Just as the demand for labour is a derived demand, we must understand that the demand for schooling and teaching is a derived demand. If what is being taught is of no value, then the teacher, as it stands, is of no value either.
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26 May 2015
   No, Cameron, you can never have ‘too much’ tolerance
   Frank Furedi

One possible reason why Cameron feels he can associate tolerance with passivity is because, in recent decades, tolerance has been redefined as a polite gesture of non-judgementalism. In official documents and school texts, tolerance is presented as a polite character trait, rather than as a way of responding to beliefs and views with which one disagrees. Indeed, school texts on tolerance frequently treat it as synonymous with non-judgementalism. Non-judgementalism is indeed a passive act, as it involves a refusal to criticise and engage with conflicting views. But non-judgementalism is alien to the principle of tolerance. Being tolerant involves the act of judgement because we can only be tolerant towards beliefs and views with which we disagree. According to the classical-liberal outlook, tolerance involves an act of judgement and discrimination. Nevertheless, this act of judgement should not serve as a prelude to censoring another person’s wrong opinion, because tolerance demands respect for people’s right to hold beliefs in accordance with their consciences.
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25 May 2015
   An Infantile Gesture Masterfully Executed
   David M. Hoffer

Assemble a group of your friends and arm them with sledge hammers. You will also need a bull horn. Oh, and a phone. You’ll want to call a few media outlets and let them know that there is going to be an event worth covering, where, and at what time.

At the appointed hour, stride onto campus, right up to your Infantile Gesture. Using your bull horn, announce that you are disgusted and upset with this poor excuse for art, and that you and your friends are there to give it and the artist what it so richly deserves. Make sure everyone knows exactly who you are. Then proceed to smash the thing into tiny pieces.

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24 May 2015
   I’m dead. Send flowers
   Christopher Monckton

In the context, what this numpty meant was that climate “deniers” like me, even though our detailed and legitimate scientific objections to the climate scam have been reviewed and published in the Science Bulletin (have you and all your friends downloaded our paper from yet?) and many learned journals, were mere political ideologues, while totalitarian true-believers like him, with little knowledge of and no interest in the scientific truth, were the sole repository of “scientific knowledge”.

In fact it is the other way about.

Every so often, I decide not to do what a couple of the other names on the tombstone did. I decided not to laugh it off. A death threat is a death threat. It is no laughing matter.

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