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to coordinate various initiatives in the defense of individual liberty throughout the world.

That means, among others, that you or your organization:
  • can profit from international (European) contacts,
  • send/receive internationally interesting information,
  • if you want to organize an international meeting, you definitely can profit from contacting L I. for Information/speakers/participants.
  • Etc.

Libertarian International's principles are based on libertarianism.
While libertarians are a diverse group of people with many philosophical starting points, they share a defining belief:
that everyone should be free to do as they choose, so long as they don't infringe upon the equal freedom of others.

Human interaction should be voluntary, not coerced. The only time physical force is acceptable is when it is used to defend against force.
Many libertarians frame this in terms of the non-aggression principle: no individual or group of individuals shall initiate force against the person or property of any other individual.

This might not seem very radical. After all, your parents probably taught you not to cheat, steal or pick fights -- in other words, not to use force against others.
What sets libertarians apart is that they don't make any exceptions to this principle -- not even for governments.

In the libertarian view, governments should be held to the same standards of right and wrong as individuals. As a result, libertarians believe that governments should not interfere with the interactions and exchanges of peaceful people.

Formally, Libertarian International is a non-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands. You can write to us at our:

e-mail address:
snail mail address :
P.O. Box 21, 2910 Essen, Belgium

Our BANK ACCOUNT, to send your donations to help us working to reach a free world, is with:
RABO BANK (Roosendaal, The Netherlands,
A/C Libertarian International, number
IBAN: NL 75 RABO 0174 3353 50

Libertarian International has little time or need for bureaucracy and hierarchy.
Hubert Jongen (the president)
in the Netherlands
Palle Steen Jensen
in Copenhagen
Christian Michel
in Geneva
Henrik Bejke
in Stockholm
Henrik Alexandersson
in Stockholm
This men are among the founding members, and you are welcome to get in touch with any of them for further information and contacts.