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11 November 2004

Hostility to Religious Expression
by Liberty Legal Institute

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The document outlines hundreds of cases, revealing widespread religious hostility across the country.

"It is amazing that a document like this has never been assembled before. When you look at what is actually happening around the nation, it's truly scary,"

said Kelly Shackelford, Chief Counsel for Liberty Legal Institute.

The document was prepared after Senator John Cornyn, Chairman of the U.S Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution and Senator Kennedy, sent a letter to the chief counsel for Liberty Legal Institute. Senator Cornyn sought information on the magnitude of religious freedoms violations and the current law which protects against hostility to religious expression.

The letter came in response to chief counsel Shackelford's testimony before the U.S Senate Subcommittee, where he addressed the severity and broad range of religious hostility throughout the nation.

"Today's report by Kelly Shackelford and the Liberty Legal Institute is so important, and I am so grateful that the Institute has completed its work and submitted it to my subcommittee. The problem of hostility to religious expression is national, it is pervasive, and it is well organized. The report not only contains page after page and example after example of hostility to religious expression, it also charts how the campaign to purge the public square of all expressions of faith is carefully orchestrated and organized by some of the nation's leading liberal special interest groups,"

said Senator John Cornyn.

To receive a copy of the document or to speak with Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel with LLI or Hiram Sasser, director of litigation with LLI, contact Heather Price, phone: 972-423-8889 ext. 102, email:

The Liberty Legal Institute is a legal organization committed to the defense of religious freedoms and First Amendment rights.: "The document outlines hundreds of cases, revealing widespread religious hostility across the country. ",%202003
Hostility to Religious Expression Document Filed in Senate
Liberty Legal Institute, 20 October 2004

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