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06 September 2004

"Free Market Entertainment Guide"
your examples needed

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The Free Market movement is best defined by the great works of economists, philosophers, and artists in the written word, ranging from Ayn Rand, Milt Friedman to F.A. Hayek, John Locke and others.

What about guys like me who went to a public school and don't know how to read? This is where I need your help. I want to put together a list of the great works of pop culture that best dramatize the need for free market and free individuals.

Consider it the Free Market Entertainment Guide.

What I am looking for is all the great entertainment that relay the concepts of freedom and show the stifling effect of bureaucracy, but in a way more accessible for those of us who were raised in the TV generation.

I am not just thinking about great movies like Braveheart but also things like Monty Python's classic skit, "The Ministry of Silly Walks," or the great Simpsons' episode on the monorail (very timely given RTD's fascination with trolleys), or almost every episode of South Park. I am asking you to submit to us your ideas for the best free market themes in pop culture, movies, songs, television episodes, comedy skits or routines. We will put them together in one large, free market entertainment guide.

Please, if you could, send us specific names of movies. If it is a television show, please give as much information as possible including the title of the episode, and its number. If it is a skit, please include the show, date and who was in it. And tell us why it relays the theme of over-reaching government. Please send your submissions to Joe Weaver at

If our list proves successful, we will distribute our guide to conservative organizations on college campuses and couch potatoes like me. Imagine the next dorm room party and the discussions that will follow when they start choosing their entertainment from this guide.

I just know there's gotta be a Brady Bunch episode that was based on the work of Milt Friedman.

Jon Caldara President Independence Institute
13952 Denver West Parkway, Suite 400
Golden, CO 80401 303-279-6536

INDEPENDENCE INSTITUTE is a non-profit, non-partisan Colorado think tank. It is governed by a statewide board of trustees and holds a 501(c)(3) tax exemption from the IRS. Its public policy research focuses on economic growth, education reform, local government effectiveness, and Constitutional rights.

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