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04 January 2004

December 03 – January 04

»Euroletter - -

Dear Reader,

As 2003 draws to a close we tend to look backward, but also, mainly forward to 2004. We can look back at a very good libertarian year. Libertarian ideas are more and better accepted. Although in an also growing statist society, we might relatively not grow fast enough.

But we have the right morality. We respect life and liberty of every individual person. We shall win to the benefit and peace for everybody. (See below for reports)

We are working on the LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL SPRING CONVENTION in Leiden, Holland on 3 – 4 April 2004. The program begins to get shape and registrations are already coming in, so join us ASAP. (see below.

2004 is "The Year of Richard Cobden", and 2005 “The Year of Ayn Rand”.
Read about the BOOK Project

In 2004 the ISIL WORLD CONFERENCE will be in New Zealand from 21 – 26 July. The early bird rate is till January 31. So make use of it.

In the project "EMPOWERMENT" you can start making money yourself and help spreading freedom as well!

FREE EUROPE might be able to save you from the totalitarian EU super state. Your help is needed.

As always, we mention some ways to make your life more free. Even if it is only a fraction, many fractions will give results and in the end we will win.

We wish you A HAPPY NEW YEAR and A HEALTHY PROSPEROUS 2004 (and beyond)

For Personal Liberty, Hubert Jongen.

======================================================= CONTENTS: 1. LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL SPRING CONVENTION 2004 IN LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS 3 – 4 APRIL, 2004

2. 2004 The YEAR of Richard Cobden / 2005 YEAR OF AYN RAND





====================================================== 1 LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL SPRING CONVENTION 2004 IN LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS 3 – 4 APRIL ====================================================== This convention will be in the oldest Dutch University city: LEIDEN which among others has good connections to Schiphol airport. (Amsterdam)

The Motto of the University (founded in 1575 )is: "PRESIDIUM LIBERTATIS", that means "STRONGHOLD OF LIBERTY". By having our convention there we will make it even stronger!

We are happy that CNE, the CENTRE for a NEW EUROPE, is joining us in organizing this convention. Also the Dutch Frederic Bastiat Foundation is involved.

The preliminary SPEAKERS LIST is:

-- Bouckaert, Boudewijn / /.

-- Bremmers, Tim / / Police and justice in Europe in Libertarian perspective.

-- Dun, Frank van / /

-- Guenin, Jacques de // Great Debate EU Pro -- Spits, Albert // Great Debate EU Anti

—Michel, Christian //The rise of a totalitarian state, France between the "good king" Henri IV and the "Sun-King" Louis XIV"// -- Reijen, Hugo van //Immigration / Emigration

-- Shaffer, Butler // ”Cost/Benefit analysis of the human Spirit”

-- Tame Chris //"New Threats to Liberty and Dilemmas for Libertarians" More waiting for confirmation.

And of course we will honor 2004, THE YEAR OF RICHARD COBDEN.

In any case is the advice: Already now reserve the dates in your agenda, or even tell us that you intend to participate.
We learned by local investigations that during that weekend many hotels already are occupied. It is “tulip-time” in Holland! So tell us ASAP if you want assistance in finding a hotel.

Mail to :

We are trying to arrange a cheaper price (to cover all the costs)but the maximum price will be 70.- euro.
This is including the Saturday night BANQUET and coffee/tea in breaks.

====================================================== 2. 2004 Year of Richard Cobden // 2005 YEAR OF AYN RAND ====================================================== Most advanced are the projects concerning 2005. In several countries plans are developing to make the books of Ayn Rand available in the local language.

In The Netherlands the Frederic Bastiat Foundation is working on that project en for Russia Jarislov Romanchuck from Belarus is really hard working to bring this about. His report will make you enthusiastic, and admiring :

“I am lucky to carry out another project. At present I am making the electronic versions of "Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" in Russian. It means that a few typists are making the copies of the books. The thing is that the person from S-Petersburg who translated the novels into Russian and printed the first copies has lost the electronic versions. Three persons (Glenn Cripe, Roger Cosgrove (I met them at ISIL conference in Vilnius where I was invited as a speaker) and Tom Heaps-Nelson, contributed $6000 to make 500 copies of each novel in Russian and to carry out a promotion campaign to find resources for making more copies. I am planning to do it in Russia and Ukraine. New covers are also being designed. I am really happy about this project as many more people will be able to learn about Rand.
The year also brought some tensions with the authorities. My colleagues and I launched an anticorruption campaign in Belarus. I published a few articles about corrupt bureaucrats in the city of Minsk. A few criminal cases were opened. I was summoned to the prosecutor's office. He demanded my revealing the information source to him. I refused and he threatened to open a criminal investigation against me for refusing to cooperate with the investigation. The president passed a decree according to which all conferences, seminars and grant projects should be coordinated with the authorities. I believe that about 80% of what I have been doing now is illegal. So the law in this country is like a law in any authoritarian state. It is an effective means to stifle all those who think differently. But I remain an optimist. I think that next year the fight for liberty will be much more challenging and productive.
===================================================== 3, LIBERTARIAN WORLD ISIL CONFERENCE IN NEW ZEALAND FROM 21 – 28 JULY, 2004 ===================================================== We are moving along for our World Freedom Summit in Rotorua, New Zealand next July. Please keep the period of July 21 to 25 open as you will not want to miss this event. We will have speakers and guests from around the world. Some of the confirmed speakers include:

* Elbegdorj Tsakhia, former prime minister of Mongolia and the man who engineered the end of 70 years of communist rule in his country, without a single shot being fired.

* Lance Kennedy , author of Ecomyth, will speak on exposing the junk science, disinformation and myths perpetrated by the radical Green movement.

* Michael Cloud who will deliver his famous lectures on "The Art of Political Persuasion."

* Robert White, of the Department of Political Studies at the University of Auckland will speak on "Ayn Rand: Her Contribution to Liberal Thought".

* Professor Jan Narveson, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Waterloo, Canada. He is the author of the book “The Libertarian Idea”

* Professor Len Brewster from Zimbabwe. He'll speak on "The State Refutes Itself: Lessons from Zimbabwe."

More speakers are being arranged and will be announced.

We will also have a tour of parts of the North Island for anyone interested which will include a tour of Hobbiton's remains, an art deco tour of Napier ("the art deco city") and other sites.

If you want more information regarding the conference please check the site or mail . By the way Rotorua is a centre of activity with more things to do then you'll possible have time to do. It's also the centre of our geothermal region so if you want to just relax is some thermal spas, you can.

The price is just $ 550 US and includes 1st class hotel accommodation at Novotel Rotorua, all meals, and local tour.
There is also the possibility to join the after convention four days tour, with spectacular opportunities.
Incl. the tour, the conference fee is $ 998.00 if paid before January 31.2004

==================================================== 4. FREE EUROPE ==================================================== FREE EUROPE made a lot of progress Since our former EUROLETTER. The number of visitors increases every day.
Logical, because so much is happening in the political realm that more and more people feel uneasy and unhappy. The last happening of the politicians in Brussels alone must scare every single person who looks and thinks about what is happening there.

Brussels is growing into a super government with super controls.
Just read article 1, on which the whole new constitution will be built! Compare it with libertarian ideas and conclude that it directs the other way.
Or just read article 54 that makes an end to free speech in the EU.
An extensive analyses about that fact is on the site of FREE EUROPE:

Immediately after the failure to agree on the new EU constitution several of the Heads of States were visibly happy that they could postpone the referendum. They feared for a NO vote.

Gerhard Schroeder and Jacques Chirac might have in mind they now even get more opportunities to strengthen the power axis Germany-France in the EU.
It is important to follow and understand what is happening. FREE EUROPE will help you to do that by just telling the truth. Visit

====================================================== 5 . FREEDOM IN ACTION: "Project-EMPOWERMENT" ====================================================== Although the official launch of this project is on next January 1st, already now the investigations and interest are very positive.

Even already several stories have been submitted and are in process! You can send yours too.
More information is available in our former EUROLETTER which you can read on the L I site:

====================================================== 6. WHAT CAN YOU DO TO GET A MORE FREE LIFE? ====================================================== A.) Make money and send a story to Project EMPOWERMENT. B.) Spread the idea of Project EMPOWERMENT and help others to earn money

C.) Add to the signature of every E-mail you send: "LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL Spring Convention in Leiden, The Netherlands on 3 – 4 April, 2004."

====================================================== LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, P.O.Box 21, B-2910 ESSEN, Belgium FAX: +31-165-348035 (NL)

RABOBANK, Laan van Limburg 2, 4701 BP Roosendaal The Netherlands, -- SWIFT : Rabonl2u Account of LIBERTARIAN INTERNATIONAL, nb.

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