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24 July 2014
   The Great Salt Solution
   Norman Imberman

Today we are witnessing the devastating effects of the thousands and thousands of price controls, wage controls, rent controls and other regulations that have passed into law over the past 120 or more years, starting perhaps with the first anti-trust laws. The majority of citizens know nothing about the retrogressive domino effects of price controls and other regulations, so they constantly call for further controls whenever they are dissatisfied with anything. The government representatives, whether or not they are familiar with these retrogressive domino effects, donít care, since their goal is to be re-elected, not to serve justice.

Letís serve economic stability, justice, peace and harmony by calling for the repeal of all of the governmental controls in our lives. Better yet, letís peacefully eliminate the State.

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23 July 2014
   Why prostitution should be safe, legal and, well not rare actually
   Tim Worstall

Thereís also a good theoretical argument which is that what on Earth is the definition of an adult if it isnít someone who gets to decide what to do with their own gonads? So as long as everything is confined to consenting adults then renting out body parts is and should be no different from lending them out for fun or for free. That is, if consenting adults are, by law, allowed to have sex with any, and any combination of, other consenting adults it is absurd to distinguish between paid events of such activity and unpaid events of such activity.
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22 July 2014
   On Property Rights
   Neil Lock

In both cases, justly owned property has ultimately been earned through work. And this is so whether the work is physical or mental, and whether in business, in do-it-yourself or for a wage. So, all justly owned property can be traced back to part of someoneís life being expended in creating or improving it. For most people, who donít receive big legacies from rich parents or uncles, this means that their property is the product of their own productive lives. For the lucky few, itís a product of the lives of their forebears.
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21 July 2014
   Why is No Snoopers' Charter Important?

The two governing principles of our unconsolidated Constitution are parliamentary sovereignty and the Rule of Law. This Bill disrespects the first principle by containing a programme agreed between party leaders, denying the legislature time for scrutiny, amendment or even proper debate. The Bill shows contempt for the second principle by attempting to overrule rather than comply with a Court judgment.
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20 July 2014
   Open the Borders Now and Forever
   David S. D'Amato

Furthermore, arguments that see open borders as ďforced integrationĒ are especially spurious and unconvincing within the context weíre presented today, where governments themselves own and administer most of the land and the rest has been doled out to political favorites under a process in which proper homesteading has never been a real or important consideration. In their essence, anti-immigration arguments come to the laughable contention that merely due to accidents of birth which place some lucky group in one favored locale and others somewhere else, the fortunate group ought to be able to control and impede the movement of others.
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