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28 November 2015
   Equitable Stealing
   Paul Jacob

Last Friday, I heralded a new Institute for Justice report on the growth of this dangerous practice of official police thievery. At Townhall on Sunday, I pointed out that even when reforms are enacted at the state and local level, federal law enforcement still facilitates civil forfeiture. The Feds encourage locals to continue taking stuff through a federal program known as “equitable stealing.”

No, my bad, it’s actually called “equitable sharing.”

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27 November 2015
   Keeping up the heat on the UK supreme court
   Christopher Monckton

The Court at first broke the law by failing to reply on time to my freedom-of-information request about its pantomime of hate against “scientifically qualified, knowledgeable and influential” skeptics whose “claims” its favoured lecturer said it and its counterparts worldwide should “scotch”.

It then continued to break the law by sending not a single one of the documents or records I had requested. Its excuse was that it would cost more than the statutory $1000 limit to source and send the documents.

Accordingly, I invited readers of WUWT to assist. Within hours plenty came forward. Each of the first nine responders has been asked to send one of the following questions to the UK Supreme Court under section 8 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

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26 November 2015
   Beyond Transparency: Can a Culture of 100% Honesty Work?
   Lydia Dishman

New research shows that employees value honesty more than any perks. Take a look at how these companies have instilled a culture of candor.
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25 November 2015
   The Demise of a Mass Delusion
   Cassandra King

Climate science grew too big too fast with no solid foundation on which to base its existence and now the final and ultimately useless attempt to deny reality in favour of models, it must be that observed reality that is wrong and not the models? This inevitable conclusion to this comic tragedy that sceptics saw coming years ago, the epitaph that will be carved on the metaphorical gravestone of CAGW theory. Never before has so few words described so perfectly the demise of a mass delusion.
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24 November 2015
   Sometimes There Are No Good Options
   Don Boudreaux

That I would like that these politicians and their deputies be adequately knowledgeable and level-headed when they turn their attention to military matters is irrelevant. The fact is, I have zero reason actually to suppose them to be adequately knowledgeable and level-headed about such matters. I must judge their likelihood of being knowledgeable and wise about matters on which I am poorly informed on the basis of my assessment of the knowledge and wisdom that they regularly exhibit when they discuss and act on matters about which I am well-informed. And on that basis, I conclude that they are untrustworthy, unwise, and, hence, much more likely than not to take steps that are harmful to the general welfare.
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