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23 November 2014
   Climate Change and the left
   Lord Donoughue

While this need persists and there persists the misconception that the Green faith is somehow leftish and in pursuit of the common good, then most on the political left will stay with it. To shake them it will be necessary to show them that the costs of implementing climate alarmism will actually destroy the economic hopes of the poor and is often a cynical device to enrich the wealthy. That it enables self righteous middle class posturers to parade their assumed moral superiority at the expense of the poor. And that it's so-called scientific certainties are very uncertain indeed. It is also necessary for the sceptical and realistic side to show more publicly that they accept the proven aspects of climate change (which every sceptic I know does) and care about the genuine concerns of the environment (which the Greens ignore by littering our landscapes with inefficient and costly windmills.)
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22 November 2014
   Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May
   The Darn-Poor Rhymer

Mr. Cameron and Mrs. May
Have both become a little fey.
“Extremism,” or so they say,
Should get adherents put away.

Yet, as so many times before,
They choose, unwisely, to ignore
Their premise’s big, fatal flaw;
It contradicts the rule of law.

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21 November 2014
   Morality, Economics, and the Problem with Preferences
   Adam Gurri

There is no way to measure satisfaction or happiness; no utils, no hedometers. And if there were, it’s unlikely that maximizing such things would be a morally defensible strategy. Economics is no substitute for serious moral philosophy, or religion, or the embedded moral wisdom in our traditions and practices. Stepping outside of the straightjacket of Pareto-style ranked preference analysis, it’s clear that most people intuitively feel many things are important beyond mere preferences. People care about non-preference consequences, as in the case of the heroin user whose life looks dire as a result of the choices they have made. They also care about duties, and about the kind of person that they have become, subjects treated in Kantian and virtue approaches to moral philosophy. This is not the space to discuss such subjects in detail, but suffice to say that economic theory alone is a highly impoverished lens through which to view morality.
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20 November 2014
   Economic Means vs. Political Means
   Harrison Dean

Individuals who become wealthy through the economic means deserve our praise. Their goods and services have benefited mankind. We know they have benefited mankind because their consumers wouldn’t give them money in exchange for their products if they didn’t have something to gain. They can lose their market share at any point if their customers decide to stop giving them their business.

On the other hand, those who acquire their wealth by the political means should be scorned. Their methods have invaded individual liberty, turned the machinery of government into an instrument of cronyism, and undermined the prosperity of the market.

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19 November 2014
   Liar, Fantasist or Fool?
   Cameron can not reform the EU. The only question is why he's telling us he can
   Alex Rantwell

It makes me wonder if Cameron is less of a manipulator or fantasist and instead genuinely misunderstands the whole nature of the project. Perhaps he genuinely believes the line trotted out by generations of Tory leaders, that Europe is a trade agreement that got a little out of hand. This would actually mean he was worse than a deluded fantasist or a liar, which we expect of our politicians, and in fact a blithering idiot who has somehow managed to get himself to the position of Prime Minister without even a basic grasp of the nature of the European Union. Hardly a strong position for someone hoping to lead Britain to a better position in our most important foreign relationship.
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