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27 July 2016
   We, the Monkeywrench
   Claire Wolfe

And today, amid the rah-rah noise, the demand will be that We the People pay for it somehow. Pay again. Pay with submission. Pay with obedience. Pay with taxes. Pay with devalued currency. Pay with lives. Pay with tribute. Pay with halellujahs to the glory of the state. The demand will be that We the Abused, We the Angry, We the Fed Up will bear the burden of renewed statist dreams and statist orders. Once again. Bear the walls. Bear the laws. Bear the abuses. Bear the cameras. Bear the restrictions. Bear the wars (on whatever). Bear the blame for the deeds of others. Bear the responsibility for government actions over which we have no control. For our own good, so they will tell us. For freedom, its heroes, and the nation we love.


All the coming plans and demands of the state, however onerous, are the plans and demands of the weak.

They’re the plans and demands of the desperate. The plans and demands of those who feel power slipping out of their hands as they close their fists around us.

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26 July 2016
   Does it really matter?
   Nathan Barton

But change WILL come: it will come through the daily actions of everyday people: buying and selling, teaching and learning, speaking and listening, inventing and using those new inventions. Whether their actions (OUR actions!) are wise or foolish, silly or serious, self-serving or altruistic.

So it behooves us to spend a lot more time thinking about what we need to do – and then doing the things – to make our own lives and those of our families and friends and customers and employees and neighbors – but especially OUR lives – better. Working around the system, pushing back against the system, and changing the system a little bit every day, just in our own sphere, for the better.

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25 July 2016
   No, We Are Not Mere Pawns

The future will neither belong to those who coerce, nor to those who merely criticize. The future will belong to those who create, to those who sow the seeds of productivity, positivity, and possibility, in season and out of season.

This is why I will never believe that we are powerless pawns. I have too much respect for myself, for you, for critical thinking, for freedom, and for reality itself.

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24 July 2016
   So, You’ve Been Made Superfluous…
   Paul Rosenberg

My message to you is this:

You do have the power, and you do have the will. But the system has no place for you; it needs you to be a charity case. If you want more than that for your life, you’ll have to make it yourself.

Read on and I’ll explain how that’s done.

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23 July 2016
   The EU: Economically and Morally Perverse
   Hans-Hermann Hoppe

The EU and the ECB are a moral and economic monstrosity, in violation of natural law and the laws of economics. You cannot continuously punish productivity and success and reward idleness and failure without bringing about the disaster. The EU will slide from one economic crisis to the next and ultimately break apart. The Brexit, that we have just experienced, is only the first step in this inevitable process of devolution and political decentralization.
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