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is to coordinate various initiatives in the defense of individual liberty throughout the world.
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28 July 2014
   Green Moral Exhibitionism
   James Knight

When you look closely at the Green Party, you find that they are quite unlike normal, rationally minded people – their obsession with climate and the environment would be an astonishingly unusual thing if it were not for the fact that green obsession is one of the few remaining political identities on which one could base a party and sustain some electoral territory. Without the need for this green obsession to hold themselves together as an alternative party, what they actually subscribe to is quite bizarrely alien to the ordinary human mental constitution.
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27 July 2014
   DRIP, DRIP, DRIP - and now our rights are gone

We’re representing two MPs from opposite sides of the Commons chamber – David Davis and Tom Watson – and taking the Government to court on their behalf, to challenge DRIP.

Our lawyers will be arguing that the legislation is incompatible with both the European Convention on Human Rights and EU law, in a bid to make Ministers think again.

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26 July 2014
   Down the Memory Hole
   John Engle

While it may be embarrassing to have damaging information floating forever online, it is a necessary component of the openness demanded by the people born into this era. The press cannot be silenced because what they say is embarrassing. People have a right to access the information made public online and journalists have a right to publish their work without fear of it being shut down for sake of those they would expose.
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25 July 2014
   I Agree: The Horror is Caused by Government
   Don Boudreaux

I emphatically am neither indifferent to, nor sanguine about, the horrors taking place today along the southern U.S. border. They disgust and sadden me. These horrors, though, are an artifact of the very political process that anti-immgrationists turn to as the means through which immigration into America is kept restricted. I assumed that this much is obvious.

The solution to this horrible problem is easy: open the U.S. borders, or at least return to the immigration regime we used until 90 years ago (the one symbolized by Ellis Island). No quotas; no numerical restrictions of any kind on immigration.

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24 July 2014
   The Great Salt Solution
   Norman Imberman

Today we are witnessing the devastating effects of the thousands and thousands of price controls, wage controls, rent controls and other regulations that have passed into law over the past 120 or more years, starting perhaps with the first anti-trust laws. The majority of citizens know nothing about the retrogressive domino effects of price controls and other regulations, so they constantly call for further controls whenever they are dissatisfied with anything. The government representatives, whether or not they are familiar with these retrogressive domino effects, don’t care, since their goal is to be re-elected, not to serve justice.

Let’s serve economic stability, justice, peace and harmony by calling for the repeal of all of the governmental controls in our lives. Better yet, let’s peacefully eliminate the State.

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